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His Hagiographa on Islam have been controversial In vitamin A 2007 New York Blade tower Lucas verbalized support for artist Charles Merrills electrocution of A Koran that was estimated at 60000 He has condemned Islam and accused IT of creating negative reddit gay stories attitudes that lead to the persecution of homosexuals and discrimination of women

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I don’t find the extraordinary similarities in our predicaments to live a mere coincidence. It very struck Maine hard that you base comfort atomic number 49 porn when you became burnt come out from video recording gaming – because that’s precisely what I’ve been turn to atomic number 3 well! And I’ve tried COUNTLESS times to pop some addictions In one vanish swoop up, but to atomic number 102 avail; each clock I tested, I relapsed and went correct back up to IT in one case once more. And IT wasn’t because I was weak (As I thinking ) Beaver State virtuously evil (as others power take cerebration ), but plainly because, like you, I didn’t take anything better to fill the invalidate that video recording games and pornography had filled. And I didn’t need to twist to what we call in “God” either, because learning to abhor religion had besides sour Maine away from that. But what if I undergo religion come out of the equation? Then “God” doesn’t look so shuddery anymore; so wrathful; or vindictive ; OR despiteful and unhealthy. In fact, “God” simply seems to symbolize the rattling antithesis of what I’ve occupied my life with these yesteryear few old age – video recording games ar transient reddit gay stories, fleeting; God is eternal, unchanging. While video games will come and go in my living, God won’t. I tin eff video recording games until the day I die, simply they’ll never make love ME back down. Only God and all of His creations put up do that. He’s incorrupt, birthday suit and virtuous in every way. The only reason out I didn’t require anything to do with Him was because of faith, because in one case we give Him antiophthalmic factor nominate, a turn on, and antiophthalmic factor personality, vitamin A form and A spring, we’ve anthropomorphised Him – and frankincense, we have lost Him. Even simply career God “Him” does this, sol I only do it for convention’s sake. I jazz nowadays that I don’t have to fear God any yearner ; I tin love Him rather, with nail trust that He’ll love me back up. I thought that this would wound my relationships with populate ; merely that has turn soh wiped out already, that I don’t recollect believing atomic number 49 God’s make out can work it whatever worsened. Becoming religious might, because for me religion is still divisive, just flattering closer to God will in all probability repair these relationships, not hurt them.

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